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Living the Truth in Love: Christmas Hope

In a recent talk which Archbishop Charles Chaput gave at the University of Notre Dame 2016 Bishops’ Symposium, he referred to an illustration from a thirteenth century Bible which he had recently received from a friend. The Archbishop described it as a depiction of Mary punching the devil in the

Living the Truth in Love: From Catholic Charities – Please, thank you, sorry!

As we conclude the Extraordinary Year of Mercy, we do so right before we celebrate our great national day of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a fitting time to reflect upon the gratitude we share in our hearts to God for His merciful love for each and every one of us. It is also a time for us to

Living the Truth in Love: A Full Season of Advent

Having just celebrated Thanksgiving, the season of Christmas is quickly before us. The celebration of Thanksgiving brings us together with our families and has a sense of peace and tranquility to it. Many understandably express how much they enjoy Thanksgiving, but do not look forward to the

Living the Truth in Love: November – Much Before Us

The month of November is already upon us. This month brings with it a number of significant days, both for the Church and for our nation. November begins with the celebration of the Solemnity of All Saints and is followed the next day by the Commemoration of All Souls. This month will bring with it

Living the Truth in Love: Elizabeth of the Trinity – A Saint not a Demon

On October 16, Pope Francis will formally canonize Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity, a Carmelite nun of the 20th century. While the Feast of Blessed Elizabeth is November 9, the day of her death, her canonization during this month draws special attention to Carmelite spirituality as October

Living the Truth in Love: Moved by Mercy

The month of October is already upon us.  October brings many significant things with it.  While not very obvious in southern Florida, October carries signs of life in the changing of the seasons to fall with beautiful colors and cooler weather.  In Florida, it is the beginning of the season when

Living the Truth in Love: Homily – Permanent Diaconate Ordination

  The Deacon – An Image of God’s Mercy     At the conclusion of May this year, there was in Rome, from May 27 through May 29, a special Jubilee for Deacons.  It was an occasion for deacons and their families from all around the world to make a pilgrimage to Rome in order to participate

Living the Truth in Love: Labor Day with Mother Teresa

Labor Day is upon us and brings with it the unofficial conclusion of the summer.  It is a day in our nation when we reflect upon the importance of labor by taking time off from work to be with our families and friends, especially before we begin a new year of work.  Memorial Day brought with it the

Living the Truth in Love: The Black Madonna

In my previous column, I reflected in regard to the terrible events of hatred and violence which have been present to us in our own nation and around the world. Unfortunately, in the interim, other such horrific events have occurred again including the brutal murder of an eighty-six year old French

Living the Truth in Love: He Hangs There From the Gallows

During the past weeks, we have faced horrific events of human violence within certain cities of our nation as well as within other parts of the world.  Hatred, prejudice and discrimination have displayed their evil manifestations before us in graphic manner.  It is somewhat coincidental, if not