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Living the Truth in Love - Thirty-five Years - a Eucharistic People

It does not seem like ten years since we celebrated the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of our vibrant and growing Diocese of Palm Beach.  Ten years seems to have quickly gone by and October 24th marks our Thirty-fifth Anniversary. The Diocese of Palm Beach came into existence with our territory having

Living the Truth in Love - Choose Joy… Alive in the Spirit

Every September, I very much enjoy celebrating Mass for our three Catholic high schools in order to invoke the gifts of the Holy Spirit upon the new school year and to have the opportunity to welcome the students back to school.  I also enjoy granting an extra holiday for the school year which has

Living the Truth in Love - God has a Human Face

The following two Sundays are significant ones in regard to the life of the Church.  The first, September 29, is Priesthood Sunday which is set aside to reflect upon and affirm the life and role of the priest in the life of the Church.  The second, October 6, is Respect Life Sunday which begins the

Living the Truth in Love - Promises to Keep

Diaconate Ordination Cathedral of St. Ignatius Loyola September 7, 2019 – 11:00 AM We are grateful to God for the safety we experienced this week as we escaped the fierce effects of Hurricane Dorian.  We pray in a very special way today for all those so tragically affected by the storm

Living the Truth in Love - No Dream is too High

While the weather will remain hot in southern Florida for many days to come, the signs around us make it clear that the summer season is coming to an end.  Children are returning to school, the daylight hours are showing signs of decreasing ever so slowly and we continue to pray for the aversion of

Living the Truth in Love - August – A Time of Transition

As the month of August begins, we find ourselves, perhaps astonishingly, more than half way through the year.  With less than five months to Christmas and more than seven months since our New Year's resolutions, August is a good month to take stock of where we find ourselves in our journey through

Living the Truth in Love - Fraternity, Charity, Unity Patriotism

We just celebrated a very significant occasion in the life of our country and of the world in the 50th anniversary of the landing of the Apollo 11 Space Mission on the moon.  When Buzz Aldrin took the first step upon the moon on July 20, 2069, the capacity of the human person to reach beyond the

Living the Truth in Love - We Choose to go to the Moon

On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin, the Apollo 11 space crew made unprecedented history by completing a voyage to the moon and being the first to land upon it.  As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of this monumental event, we have a great deal to be proud of and upon

Living the Truth in Love - The Greatest Treasure of Notre Dame Cathedral

It has been over two months since the tragic fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.  The two months have brought with them a great deal of understanding of the Cathedral, it's art and its place in history which are all irreplaceable. The Cathedral is a reminder of the pinnacle of God's creation

Living the Truth in Love - The Holy Spirit Prays Within Us

Pentecost marks the beginning of the Church when the Lord sent down upon the apostles the gift of the Holy Spirit.  The coming of the Holy Spirit is the culmination of Easter for through it, the mission of Christ continues.  Pentecost is not the end of what Jesus had brought about for us but only