Bishop Barbarito's Statements

Living the Truth in Love: The Hamlet Pope

  On October 14, Pope Francis canonized one of the great Churchmen of the 20th Century - Pope Paul VI. This is the third pope that Francis has declared a saint. St. Pope Paul VI was an extraordinary shepherd of the Church during the years 1963 through 1987, in what were extremely turbulent times

Living the Truth in Love: Prayer Listens to the Truth

  Recently, Pope Francis has been emphasizing the importance of prayer and silence during his homilies at morning Masses and in his public addresses. He has stressed that in the face of controversy and division, silence and prayer are an appropriate response. Such a response is the manner in

Diocese of Palm Beach Welcomes State Inquiry

The Diocese of Palm Beach will fully engage with the Florida Attorney General in an inquiry pertaining to the protection of young people. We are very pleased that Florida is initiating an effort which pertains not only to the Church but to all organizations and institutions. In fact, the Diocese

Living the Truth in Love: Every Life - Cherished, Chosen, Sent

  Each year the month of October is used to inaugurate the Respect Life Program of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and is designated as Respect Life Month. Since we are already in the fall season, even in southern Florida we are reminded of the seasons of nature which reflect the

Living the Truth in Love: The Deacon - The Conscience of the Church

  This year we celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the restoration of the permanent diaconate here in the United States, as a result of the Second Vatican Council. This certainly is an occasion truly to celebrate. That was carried out at the recent Diaconate Congress held in New Orleans from

Living the Truth in Love: The Pope of Surprises – Start, Stop, Continue

  From the very beginning of his pontificate, Pope Francis has frequently spoken of God as the "God of surprises." In his words on Easter Sunday this year, he referred to God's intervention in history, which culminated in the Resurrection of Christ, as all acts of the "God of surprises." Most

Statement of the Bishop regarding the report of the Pennsylvania Grand Jury

  Dear Sisters and Brothers in the Lord, Most recently we have again been shocked, distressed and disheartened about the matter of clerical sexual abuse of minors. The situation which led to the resignation of former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, the growing revelations of sexual abuse in other

Living the Truth in Love: Our Catholic Schools – A Second Home

  It seems like yesterday that I wrote this column on schools being closed for the summer and the children who attend them on vacation at home with their families. It is hard to believe that the schools are now open as we are more than halfway through August. While time does go by quickly, it may

Living the Truth in Love: The Precious Blood Gives Us Life

  On June 30, Pope Francis spoke to various groups dedicated to the Most Precious Blood of Jesus. He noted that his audience with them came on "the vigil of the month of July, when Christian piety turns in a special way to the Blood of Christ." As we enter into the culminating days of this month,

Living the Truth in Love: Summer - Complaining is Forbidden

  The summer has long begun, not only with its official opening on June 21, but also with the many signs of it that we have here in southern Florida. Schools have been closed for over a month and some families have taken their children and gone on a well-deserved vacation away from our area. The